Warm weather advice

Published June 19, 2017 at 10:24

With parts of England currently experiencing heatwave conditions, Rossendale residents are reminded to stay safe in any extreme heat and follow relevant health advice.

The Met Office has triggered a ‘Level 3’ alert in the North West to say a heatwave is now occurring. During a heatwave, when temperatures remain abnormally high over more than a couple of days, you may get dehydrated and your body may overheat.

This can be especially problematic for older people – especially those over 75 and/or living on their own or in a care home – people suffering from mental ill health, those with dementia and those people who rely on carers.

Other at-risk groups of people include those taking certain types of medication and babies and young children – especially those under four years old.

You can play your part by minimising the risks and taking a few sensible precautions:

Keep out of the heat; take cool showers or baths and splash yourself several times a day with cold water – particularly your face and the back of your neck – drink plenty of water; eat as you normally would but try more cold food, salads and  fruit which contain water.

Residents fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan are also being advised to drink plenty of fluids and follow a balanced diet between fasts. During the summer, the gap between meals can be around 18 hours and it’s important that food choices support your energy requirements throughout the day. Keep it simple and similar to a normal everyday diet, including a balance of fruit and vegetables and plenty of fluids.

Advice and guidance has been put together to help protect people in case of a heatwave over the summer months. The Heatwave Plan for England aims to prepare people for, alert them to and prevent the major avoidable effects on health during periods of severe heat in England.

Find out more information here

You can also get advice on protecting your skin during hot weather from the Cancer Research UK SunSmart campaign website 

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