Sudden and prolonged closure of Waterfoot post office

Published August 28, 2018 at 12:24

Council leader Alyson Barnes has raised concerns about the sudden closure of Waterfoot Post Office.

She has written to Adrian Wales, Post Office regional network manager, asking for steps to be taken to ensure that the “vital service” re-opens as soon as possible.

The branch has been shut since the start of July. No reason has been given for the closure.

Cllr Barnes said:

The only information made available to residents is a fading printed notice of apology taped loosely to the front door. Rawtenstall Post Office two miles away is now the nearest alternative and the ATM at Waterfoot is also closed.

I am worried about the effect this closure will have on the local community. This is the only branch in the Whitewell Valley, covering Lumb and Water down to Edgeside estate, Newchurch and Cowpe. This is a large area and for those without transport, travelling an extra two miles to Rawtenstall can present a real burden.

The last time this facility was closed for ‘undisclosed reasons’ the Post Office put in temporary staff to keep the service running. This time nothing seems to have been done.

I understand that the business model might be different; it is now a private business, rather than a sub-post office owned by the Post Office, however the service is still essential to residents in this community.

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