Statement on application to extend vehicle operations licence at Haslingden Cemetery

Published September 9, 2019 at 15:39

We have had a number of concerned residents contact us about concerns about this application and we are aware there has been much discussion on social media.

We wanted to reassure residents and cemetery visitors what the plans actually were so have released the following statement from our Head of Operations, Tony Watson:

“We are currently going through the process of getting permission from the Traffic Commissioner to extend our vehicle operating licence at Haslingden Cemetery.

“We have used space at Haslingden Cemetery for council vehicles for many years but the extension is simply to allow the Council to continue be able to legally operate some of its new more environmentally friendly vehicles from there as they are due to be displaced by the work to improve the Whitaker.

“We have tried to identify other places to develop into a depot but unfortunately there are no alternatives in the borough.

“To reassure residents and cemetery visitors, these vehicles will not be constantly going in and out of the cemetery and we will make sure we will continue to be sympathetic to the environment as we are now.

“Also to clarify, these vehicles will continue to be used for things like transporting gardening equipment, transporting flowers and other displays around our cemeteries, parks and emptying litter bins. They are not refuse collectors.

“We have met with residents, cemetery visitors and also residents’ groups and listening to their views which we have fed back to the Traffic Commissioner.

“We will continue to have a dialogue with concerned people while we await for the Commissioner’s decision.”

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