Senior Management Re-Structure

Published February 22, 2016 at 14:02

A planned re-structure of Rossendale Council’s senior management will save taxpayers nearly £15,000 in the first year.

Councillors will be asked to back the restructure when they meet at full council on February 24th.

The restructure will reduce the number of director roles but will also help make the Council more business-like and help generate additional income which can be put back in improving services.

Councillor Alyson Barnes, Leader of the Council, said: “We are facing extremely tough times in terms of budget reductions but we have also been very clear that our residents are also facing difficulty.

That is why we haven’t raised our council tax precept and that is why we are also looking at savings we can make which helps protects services.

But this is not just about saving money – we are also a hugely ambitious council. I want the best for our residents and our businesses. This restructure will helps us create a more simplified but focused and efficient senior management team who will be challenged to deliver that for this borough.

We will continue to find savings which have the least impact on the services our residents value the most.”

Stuart Sugarman, Chief Executive of Rossendale Council, said: “We are facing a very challenging financial times.

But despite this, we remain committed to creating a modern and forward thinking organisation which delivers high quality services for residents and businesses.

This senior management restructure will start the process of building a fit for purpose Council which can meet the financial challenges we face while still achieving our priorities to build a better Rossendale to live, work and visit.”

The Council will be announcing the appointment of the Director of Business shortly.

The report can be found here:


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