Police promise action on anti-social driving in Rossendale

Published August 9, 2018 at 13:46

Earlier this week, Rossendale Council issued a statement on reports of anti-social driving in Rawtenstall and around other areas of Rossendale.

Council Leader Alyson Barnes has now received a full briefing from Insp Dave Clarke, of Lancashire Police, about the issue and actions the Police are planning to take in response.

Councillor Barnes and Insp Clarke have issued the following updates:

Councillor Barnes said:

The Police have assured me that they are taking a number of measures to try and address the anti-social and highly dangerous behaviour that has been noted as taking place across Rossendale recently.

Firstly, in Rawtenstall they will visit Asda – where drivers have been noted to be gathering at night – to talk to the store’s management and ascertain the current situation and how they can target it best. Warnings will be handed out and, if necessary, the Police will use powers to seize any offending vehicles.

The Police will also be targeting other locations across Rossendale where complaints have been raised and using the same powers.

With regards to issues that have noted as taking place on the Haslingden bypass – this is policed as part of the motorway network and so these complaints have been passed on to the Motorway Police to take action on.

I’m delighted with this direct, targeted action from the Police and I hope residents can see we continue to take this issue very seriously and fully understand how distressing this is for residents impacted by these selfish actions.

Insp Dave Clarke, of Lancashire Police, said:

We have been made aware of problems involving anti-social driving at several locations in Rossendale and will be targeting these areas.

Police do have the power to seize vehicles being driven in an anti-social and inconsiderate manner and we will be keen to utilise those powers to target those who are causing distress or annoyance to the residents of Rossendale.

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