For press office and media enquiries. Please contact the Press Office not the specific department. Departmental staff will also request that you do this for official statements. However, most of our official statements are put out through this website so please check the news section first.

The press office is open normal working hours Monday to Friday. If you have an query please ring 01706 252550 and a member of the team will be happy to help. You can also email the press office on

Filming: permissions and access

How to arrange permissions and access for filming and photography in areas of Rossendale Council responsibility in Rossendale , including parking dispensations.

Please note that there are obvious exceptions to some of the information below for news filming/photography.


Parking dispensations are available to facilitate unloading equipment (i.e. filming equipment). They allow you to park on a single yellow line only. A minimum of 24hrs notice is required. Pay bays can be booked where longer term parking is required. 3 working days’ notice is required.

If you get a parking ticket or your vehicle is removed, please do not ask us to intervene. However, if you feel that you have received a penalty incorrectly, you should appeal (information is given about this in all penalty notices).

Filming and commercial photography in parks etc

Please contact the media team. As a rule, at least 24 hours notice is required. In some cases, more notice will be essential.

Filming in streets

In all cases, you are strongly advised to have public liability insurance and in some circumstances you may be asked for evidence of this.

You should not obstruct pedestrians or anyone else using the pavements/roads. If you are asked to move on by a Council officer or the police, you must do so.

Please avoid filming at pedestrian crossings or junctions as it can either obscure views or create a distraction for drivers.

Filming or performing in cemeteries and burial grounds

If the request is from a news outlet, contact the media team on with details of your request.

Depending on the nature of the request, there may be forms to complete and a charge may be payable.

You will also be asked to supply copies of your public liability and risk assessment documents.

Requests are dealt with case-by-case.

To allow your request to be processed you will need to supply the information below:

  • What the filming/photography/ performance is for/about (e.g. subject matter, for which channel/media);
  • Likely date and times for filming / performing;
  • Size of film crew (and likely audience size, if performance request);
  • Equipment to be used;
  • Vehicle access requirements.
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