Fines issued as Council continues clampdown on dog fouling

Published August 16, 2019 at 10:34

People allowing their dogs to foul in Rossendale have been hit by fines as a specialist enforcement team continues its work in the borough.

On-the-spot-fines have been issued by District Enforcement, which started a 12-month trial across Rossendale in December 2018.

Dedicated officers are patrolling the borough’s streets and parks seven days-a-week, targeting hot-spots identified by the Council. The trial was approved by the cabinet committee early in 2018.

23 fixed penalty notices were issued during July 2019 to people allowing their dogs to foul and failing to pick it up.

Following a period of public consultation the Council has also recently announced new Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) will come into force after being signed off at a recent full Council meeting.

The PSPOs give the Council powers to deal more effectively with irresponsible dog owners.

They cover such things as not picking up dog mess, not carrying poo bags and not putting dogs on a lead when instructed to by an authorised officer.

If a PSPO is breached a fixed penalty notice can be issued of £75, leading to prosecution if that isn’t paid.

Councillor Jackie Oakes, Deputy Leader of the Council, said:

Most dog owners are responsible – it is very much a small minority of people who don’t pick up their dog mess, but it is these people who are a blight on the towns across Rossendale. It is anti-social, disgusting and irresponsible. Our hope is that the steps we have taken will bring about change in the borough.

These actions make our communities look less appealing and give the wrong impression to visitors. Most people care about their homes and surroundings and welcome the introduction of these new powers to stop selfish people spoiling such beautiful areas.

District Enforcement retains the income from the fixed penalty notices it issues. It also carries out the administration and takes any court action.

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