Don’t Use You Mobile Phone When Driving

Published March 6, 2017 at 11:21

Lancashire Constabulary is supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

There are tough new penalties for those who flout the law.  From next week, Wednesday 1 March 2017, new legislation comes into effect that means motorists who are caught using a mobile whilst driving will receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine, doubling the previous punishment.

In support of the tougher national stance, the constabulary will no longer offer education courses to drivers caught using their phone as an alternative to a fine and points. Those caught will automatically be issued with a penalty notice or be reported to court, depending on the circumstances of the offence.

For new drivers (within two years of passing their test) this could mean automatically losing their licence and having to re-apply for a provisional and re-take their driving test.

It is hoped that the tougher penalties will act as a deterrent and encourage people to think before they pick up a phone whilst driving.

Alongside this, a number of tactics will be used during a week of action from 1-7 March, to coincide with the legislative change.

Safety camera vans will be deployed to areas where complaints have been received such as outside schools and on major trunk roads, and the camera technicians will be able to capture evidence of offences.

Marked and un-marked police vehicles will be used to identify possible offenders, checkpoints with observation areas on the approach will be implemented across the county and officers will be responding to complaints about persistent offenders.

More information can be found on the Lancashire Constabulary website:

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