Defibrillator Installed at Council Offices

Published December 23, 2015 at 16:35

A potentially lifesaving piece of equipment has been installed at Council offices at Futures Park, Bacup.

The Council’s Facilities Team has organised the installation of a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) on the side of the building at Futures Park, which can be accessed 24/7 and can help save the lives of those going through cardiac arrest.

With an ever increasing footfall to the Councils offices at Futures Park, and being close to the entrance to Lee Quarry where adrenaline sports take place, it is an important piece of equipment in a prominent location.

The Council has worked closely with Community Defibrillators for Rossendale on this project and we have provided £1500 funding for the defibrillator.

Speaking on the installation Cllr Alyson Barnes said “I am really pleased that we have been able to work with ‘Community Defibrillators for Rossendale’ and provide them with much needed funding to bring a vital piece of equipment to a public building in Bacup. We’ve placed it in a really visible location so that it is fully accessible to the public and they are aware of its location.

Chairman of the Community Defibrillators for Rossendale committee, Andrew Walmsley, said; “”We are pleased to see a further addition to the network of Community Public Access Defibrillators in Rossendale. The improved survival rates of out of hospital cardiac arrests where early defibrillation occurs are well documented. Having another defibrillator available at Futures Park 24/7, which is accessed as part of a “999” call, gives individuals a better chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. Although no formal training to use a Defib is required, I would like to acknowledge Rossendale Community First Responders for kindly providing Defib familiarisation sessions. ”

Dawn Taylor, Co-ordinator of the Community Defibrillators for Rossendale Committee, said “I’m really pleased the Council has now got one on its building. This is a really great asset to have at a public building; it brings more vital, lifesaving equipment to Rossendale. We’re very hands on in helping groups set up CPADs as we appreciate the Valley and how important they can be in an emergency situation. It’s important to know that anyone can use these machines as part of a 999 call, and you cannot do the person any harm, if they don’t need the shock from the defibrillator the machine will not provide one.

This new defibrillator means there are now 17 in the Valley, with 3 close by in Ramsbottom. They are up and down the Valley in; Whitworth, Bacup, Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Crawshawbooth, Helmshore, Whitewell Bottom, Newchurch, Haslingden, Stacksteads, Rossendale Golf Club and one coming to Scout Bottom.

All high schools in the Valley have a defibrillator, as well as lots of primary schools.

The boxes enable rapid deployment of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which are designed to allow people with no medical background to assist a victim in a cardiac arrest emergency. They are accessed by code from Ambulance Control when dialling 999, then callers can follow the spoken instructions once the machine is activated. 999 call handlers will also be aware of this defibrillator’s location and will be able to refer callers to it in the event of a cardiac emergency.

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