Council call on recycling

Published March 26, 2018 at 9:49

Rossendale Council wants everyone to be fantastic at their recycling to help reduce the amount of incorrect items entering the recycling process.

The Council is encouraging residents to take a fresh look at their recycling, making sure everything is going in the correct bin.

Your grey recycling bin is for paper and cardboard. In this you can put: newspapers, magazine/brochures, catalogues, office paper/envelopes, junk mail, telephone books/yellow pages, greetings cards and shredded paper.

The blue recycling bin is for glass, cans and plastics. This means aerosol cans – e.g. shaving gel, polish, deodorant, food and drinks cans, coloured food trays and tin foil, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles – e.g. milk, soft drinks, water, shampoo/conditioner, detergent, washing up liquid as well as tubs and pots.

Your green bin is for food waste, non-recyclable items, plastic carrier bags and other non-recyclable plastics and disposable nappies.

The brown bin is for garden waste, so cut flowers, fallen fruit (windfalls), grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves, plants, twigs and small branches

Councillor Jackie Oakes, Portfolio Holder for Operations, said:

It’s easy to think that your recycling efforts don’t make much difference but, in reality, recycling from around the home, if done correctly, helps tremendously. We’re grateful for everyone’s efforts but we are seeing an increase in the level of incorrect items being placed in bins which can cause problems further along the recycling process; in some cases resulting in loads of recyclable items being rejected.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask residents to take a fresh look at what they recycle from around the home and how they recycle it, so that we can get the recycling process flowing as smoothly as possible.

Visit the recycling section of the Council’s website for more information.

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