Council acts to remove illegal fish from reservoir

Published December 2, 2019 at 14:12

Work to remove illegally stocked species of fish from a Rossendale reservoir will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, December 3.)

Rossendale Council has worked with the Environment Agency to arrange the removal of the animals from Wallbank Lodge Reservoir.

As a result of the fish being placed there unlawfully, the reservoir is now over-stocked and the new species are causing an environmental concern.

A licensed fishery will carry out the work over the course of a day, netting and electrofishing the animals before relocating them to a more suitable environment.

Electrofishing is a safe method of temporarily stunning the fish, so they can be moved without distress.

The work is being undertaken after consultation with both the Environment Agency and the fishery involved. The aim will be to return the reservoir to its natural state.

Two black swans have also been unlawfully introduced at the reservoir and the Council is taking advice from the Rural and Wildlife Crime Officer at Lancashire Constabulary to try and find a rescue centre that will safely remove them.

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