Civic Pride latest blog: Tackling river rubbish

Published March 12, 2019 at 14:52

The first Sunday in March saw an enthusiastic team of Civic Pride volunteers donning wellies, waders and hi vis jackets to remove some of the detritus that had been thrown into the Rivers Irwell and Limey Water where they meet to the side of B&M Bargains in Rawtenstall.

In addition to five shopping trollies, a chair and lots of other items, 12 bags were also filled with smaller items.  It’s wonderful that our volunteers give selflessly of their time on a Sunday morning but what of the lady who blithely emptied her cat litter into the river in full view of them.

Why do people do it?  A lot of the smaller plastic items will be washed away, finally reaching the sea and creating yet more contamination of our food chain.  Shopping trolleys cost in excess of £100 each so who pays for the ones dumped out of sight?  The answer of course, is all of us in higher prices in the supermarket.

If you’d like to help Civic Pride in our efforts to improve the local environment please email or call 07955 110199.

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