Council Publishes Air Quality Status Report

Published July 27, 2016 at 15:14

Rossendale have completed their Air Quality Status review which reports air quality within the borough.  A brief summary of the report is below, if you wish to know more the full report can be found at Air Quality Status Report 2016


Air quality is one of the few things which affects all living things and it is essential that we have standards of air quality which support the wellbeing of all residents in the Rossendale Valley. Poor air quality has long been recognised as having a detrimental effect on the health of individuals and as such we monitor certain parameters to safeguard standards of air quality..

We have had a monitoring regime in the Valley for a number of years, the results of that monitoring are published annually on our web site and this is the report for 2016. Readers of the report will note that we have 2 areas within the Valley where air quality standards have  the exceeded Government benchmark, albeit marginally. This has resulted in two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) being declared. This report details how we have been monitoring over the last 12 months the levels recorded and the proposals for how we can improve air quality in the AQMA’s.

We shall shortly be publishing our Air Quality Action Plan for consultation, the plan will give details as how we, together with other stakeholders will seek to address the exceedances identified in the report.

If you wish to comment on this report or would like further information please contact

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