Operations and Environmental Health Work to Support Elderly Resident

Published May 13, 2016 at 16:59

Departments at the Council work together to get an elderly resident the support and care he required.

Residents in Bacup contacted the Council in relation to a neighbour in a terraced street who had been accumulating items in his garden for a number of years and it was deemed to be getting out of hand.

Our Operations Officer surveyed the site and noticed it wasn’t just the outside of the property that was overflowing with accumulated items  but the inside of the property was also in a similar state.  So another visit was made with an Environmental Health Officer after concern was raised about the living conditions and health of the single, elderly male occupant.

The state of the property was alarming and our Officers were concerned about his health, the fire risk, excess cold risk, food hygiene, pests, damp etc.  Thankfully the resident engaged with the Council, a rapport was established and offers of support and assistance were accepted. The resident welcomed the input and was willing to co-operate.

Our Operations Officer got other agencies involved and the man was moved into a care home to get better in comfortable, warm surroundings with company and support. He had previously been living for years with no gas or electricity.

Lorna Robinson, Environmental Health Officer, and Richard Gisbourne, Operations Supervisor, were both pleased that the gentleman’s quality of life if now much improved thanks to their work and the community’s intervention.

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