Council Teams Join Forces to Improve Living Standards

Published December 12, 2016 at 13:57

Rossendale Council’s Environmental Heath Team are working together with the Housing Options Team to improve the living standards in private rented property.

The Council’s Environmental Health Team have recently started inspecting property prior to a bond being given.

The result of this joint work has been improvements to the property whilst its unoccupied, to make it safer for future tenants.

Before and after photos of one property shows a lack of handrail which has been installed and some kitchen air ventilation which has been installed.



Portfolio Holder Cllr Barbara Ashworth welcomed this new approach to working;

“I’m delighted that Council Departments are working together in this way  –  both for the benefit of tenants renting in the private sector and for the Council’s reputation in that we should not be handing out bonds to landlords of properties which don’t meet current health and safety standards.”

 This joint work will save time for everyone involved as the property is adequate at the start of the tenancy, there should also be less cause for complaint about it at a later date and the rented property should have a positive impact on the occupier’s health, wellbeing and safety.

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